So You Are Raising A Knuckle Head

So You Are Raising A Knuckle Head, Steps To Success Parenting Class

So You Are Raising A Knuckle Head, Steps To Success is a guide for parents of at-risk children ages 2 to 18.  The curriculum emphasizes the practice of personal and social skills, including decision making, refusal, and resistance, communication, and assertiveness (competencies).  Other goals presented here include to model and teach positive behavior, increasing youth information and awareness of substance use, abuse and sale, the need for academic success, and the capacity for self-directed behavior change.

In this curriculum the following strategies are explained: self-discipline and interpersonal problem solving, the three-step decision making process - centered on the use of choices and consequences to help the child to monitor and manage behavioral and emotional impulses;  

The program principles presume that if parental modeling and teaching of positive behaviors begins as early as possible in the child’s life, it will affect how they react to violence, peer pressure, self-discipline, drugs and alcohol, problem-solving, and decision-making.